Freedom Way
A Cure for Everything

The Home Curing Cookbook
For people that choose to make what they eat.

Over 40 Recipes From
Sausages to Sorino
Salt Beef to Salami
Pastrami to Prosciutto
And Many more...


Also... Dry Rub Cures, Brines, and Smoking Techniques

The Freedom Way Cook Book Comes to you in a colourful Adobe pdf format, which will be sent to you via e-mail shortly after check out.

We have bought together some of our Favourite, tried and tested, Recipes for you to try at home. Many of the curing products can also be bought from us on eBay or via our web site freedomway UK

Sadly we can't offer a Colourful Printed Cook Book, just yet but if there are any publishers out there looking for such a book then feel free to contact us.


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